Chapter 23

Twelveth Edition (2019)


A ship can be arrested under admiralty jurisdiction for any outstanding dues under Section 4 (1) (p) of the Admiralty Act (2017) which deals with disbursements incurred on behalf of the vessel or its owners.

Disbursements by the master on account of the ship can be recovered in a suit for wages. The terms disbursements includes all proper expenditure made by the master on the ship and must generally be explained by reference to what disbursements has been incurred for the ship. A master can claim for disbursements not necessarily only for the sum for which he had actually paid and was suing, he needs to establish that the master is bringing an action in respect of claims for which he is personally liable as master of the ship in respect of necessaries for the ship.

The claim for disbursements is limited to masters, and cannot be enforced by a mate and both in suits for wages and disbursements the claimant should furnish accounts before commencing the action.

BCAS: 7103-1001