Chapter 78

Twelveth Edition (2019)

Beaching of a Ship for Demolition

A vessel shall not be deemed to be a vessel, when it is broken up to such an extent that it cannot be put into use for navigation, as certified by a surveyor, is no longer considered as a ship and therefore Admiralty action cannot be initiated. The ship is no longer within the definition of a ship, the nature and category of the res is entirely altered, the court is without jurisdiction as there is no res, the ship has literally ceased to exist from the definition of a ship. A action in rem cannot be maintained in such situation.

“vessel” includes any ship, boat, sailing vessel or other description of vessel used or constructed for use in navigation by water, whether it is propelled or not, and includes a barge, lighter or other floating vessel, a hovercraft, an off-shore industry mobile unit, a vessel that has sunk or is stranded or abandoned and the remains of such a vessel.

BCAS: 7103-1001