Tenth Edition (2017)


Although the focal points of Ship Arrest in India and Admiralty Laws of India are admiralty laws and procedures, this tenth edition book contains the entire gamut of admiralty edicts including ship arrest and substantive admiralty law prevalent in India, several new chapters are also introduced including procedures, summary and notes.
Ship Arrest in India was accessible for private use only is now available for free to all also sharing the content database of Maritime Practice in India. The online edition includes a research engine wherefrom you can search for reported or unreported Indian Admiralty court orders or judgments, articles. This book is about a subject that has been lurking in the scourges of darkness of Indian maritime history for many decades. It provides an in-depth insight into Indian Admiralty law and procedures, thus placing maritime and admiralty practice at the threshold of the legal fraternity.

This book is a compact, integrated guide to admiralty law and procedure in India. The primary purpose of this book is to better enlighten shipping and industry related professionals to take prompt and decisive decisions. We seek to clarify what the law requires, allow and prohibit, not to comment on how well it does so or whether what it should. We hope that this publication will contribute towards the realistic assessment and debate of the surrounding issues.

The book does not indulge exhaustively in any topic neither does it predicts any outcome of any particular case nor can it be considered as a substitute for competent legal counsel. Although we believe that the entire text is accurate at the time of publication, if it does not already fall short of this standard, it surely will with the passage of time.

This book is the first of its kind on admiralty laws published in India. Utility of the book with respect to a second central aim, to advance general understanding about the regulation of admiralty laws in India, is less apt to erode.

Shrikant Hathi (Dr) and Binita Hathi (Mrs)
Mumbai, India, March 01, 2017
BCAS: 7103-1001